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6-7 May 2016Aftonbladet, Kungsbrohuset

The future of storytelling hack by Aftonbladet

Future Storytelling Hack is an event for students, journalists, developers and designers to get together and conceptualize something new for the news industry. This is our first organized hack event and we will kick it off with storytelling as theme.

Future Storytelling Hack is a team-based, news-media-focused prototyping and experimentation event within storytelling.

What is storytelling? A good story used to be presented with just text and images. Thanks to new media and digital technologies, now we can approach storytelling from unique perspectives. Good storytelling is when we can add digital layers to a traditional way stories are told in order to enhance it and engage the user. 

There are limited spots available. We will divide all participants into cross functional teams existing of user experience, journalists, product and technologists with a team leader from Aftonbladet.

Apply before April 21st

All you need to know

I am in! When?
May 6-7. Detailed schedule will be communicated to participants.

Alright, is it a competition?
No, it’s not a competition. We want you to have fun, meet interesting people, learn something new and build something from scratch. We want you to have a good time and put your best efforts forward.

Am I the one?
Yes, any student or professional who has an interest in tech, design, journalism and/or product development are very welcome to apply.

What do I need to bring?
Just bring your computer. We will have a team from Aftonbladet there to support you with questions about tech, UX and storytelling.

So, what is covered?
Yummy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are served both days.

I have applied, now what?
We will let you know if you made it or not the week after the last day of application date. We will put together the cross competence teams and let a team leader from Aftonbladet introduce you to each other prior to the event. 

Apply before April 21st

Apply now


Martin Schori
Journalist at KIT. Soon foreign editor at Aftonbladet. Written the book "Online Only"

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Yonna Ingolf
Narrative designer, King

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Annika Fogelgren
Producent within the Candy Crush Franchise, King

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Maria Trägårdh
Deputy Managing Editor Agenda/News

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Tim Holmberg

Product designer, Team editorial Aftonbladet

Anna Palmér

UX designer, Team Personalization Aftonbladet